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Cooling Capacity:
41,650 Kcal/h to 120,000
Patented PE Coil Design
Coil can be Customized
Acid/alkaline /corrosive
resistant design
Special Fluid Cooling
For low heat capacity cooling
Economic closed circuit cooling system

Description(What is closed circuit cooling tower?)

PCT Series is economical, innovative closed circuit cooling towers transformed traditional open cooling towers to closed circuit cooling towers with abilities to overcome limescale problem. Furthermore, PCT has been granted with patents for heat exchange coil using PE material to maximize its heat dissipation area. There is no doubt that PCT Series can achieve high efficiency and lower capitalized costs.

cooling tower PCT


  • Plastic injection molding, blow molding machine
  • Low, medium and high-induction melting furnace
  • Forging
  • Air Compressor
  • Chiller
  • Cooling system for transferring hot water to cold water
  • Environment pollution lowers mechanical efficiency
  • Tube blocked by calcium carbonate (CaCo3)


Specification PCT

Series No. Item
Inner survey window
1st. stage water inlet
Quick water supply port
Float water supply port
overflow port
Water outlet port
2nd. Stage water circulation
Bottom discharge port


Model PCT-15 PCT-20 PCT-25 PCT-30 PCT-40
Cooling Capacity (38°C to 33°C Wet bulb 27°C) 40000 54600 68000 81900 109200
Fan Motor Type Axial flow Low noise(10P)
Frame Material F.R.P
Machine Base Material F.R.P
Coil of heat exchanger P.E tube Anti-acid & Antifreeze
cooing coil (D∅mm×m) 21 ×330 21 ×330 21 ×550 21 ×900 21 ×1100
The elctricity of outer pump  (HP) 1⁄2 1⁄2 1 1 2
Fan Electricity (HP) 1/4 1/2 3/4 1 1
Fan diameter (D∅mm×m) 670 670 770 770 970
Fan Volume ( m3/min) 135 180 160 200 260
Net Weight (kg) 125 140 180 220 280
Dimensions (D∅cm×Hcm) 1300×2200 1300×2200 1500×2200 1700×2400 1900×2500

PS: Cooling capacity is inlet temperature 38ºC ; wet bulb temperature 27ºC as condition.

The product is suitable for single or several machines assembled in parallel line.

Suggest that setting up the machine at the place with free flow of air.

Detail of Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Detail PCT Cooling Tower

Innovative Design


②③④⑤closed circuit spiral circulationg system

closed circuit spiral circulationg systemCollecting pipe and shut tube ②③ are made of ABS. Heat resource water is distributed into 18 layers of spriral entwine tue⑤ to perform cold/hot exchange. 18 layers cooling water flow to the plant to be cooled by collecting pipe③ , so it will be form a closed circuit spiral circulating system. Spiral entwine tube⑤ are made of PE material. It can endure high temperature and is anti-corossive. It will not have corrosive risk whether with alkaline-washing or acid-washing. Bellows tube④ increases the surface area 3 times with a patent design of tight spiral staggered. It is spacious. For tubes located outside, it will have effect of heat dissipation and increase efficiency of heat & cold exchange substantially.

①fills⑨⑩spin water distribution device

fills & spin water distribution deviceHigh performance P.V.C filler① are made with honeycomb style fill① The hard fabric with wrinkle and twill surface treatment will increase the layover time of water flow. It will have enough surface to touch air. It will increase effect of heat exchange. It willl distribute water to water holes and lower area evenly. Closed circuit spiral circulating system will perform the best. It will stop ultraviolet ray demage in the closed circuit spiral circulation system and enhance its usage. High performance auto spiral spiral water dissipation device, water distribution nozzel⑨ are made with plastic steel casting. Water tubes are made of PVC plastic with low water pressure, distribute water evenly, water saving and large exchange efficiency.

Heat Exchanger Coil

Heat Exchanger CoilPCT's coil heat exchanger are made with PE tubes. It is anti-corrosive and anti-freeze with clean channel made for special cooling fluid.


Motor and FanFully enclosed outdoor 10P silent type motor ⑦, running low noise, long-term operation in harsh environments. Specially designed low-noise axial-flow multi-leaf fan ⑧, by the balance correction, running quietness, power-saving low noise, below PCT-30 uses of plastic steel and PCT-40 uses aluminum alloy casting.

⑥Support Base

Support BaseBase is assembled with stainless steel tubes. It is lightweight, high carrying capacity, non-corrosive and durable.

⑪⑫FRP Body & Water Basin

Body & Water BasinBody⑪ and store water basin⑫ are made with FRP. It is flexible and stretchable.

Pump & F.R.P Cover

Pump & amp; F.R.P CoverPCT with external circulator motor utilizes large flow rate circulator pump. In humid area, purchasing F.R.P waterproof cover is also a way to extend life span and reduce the potential for corrosion.

Layout For Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Layout For Closed Circuit Cooling Tower


(SCT-30) 90000 Kcal/h

SCT-30 is a small and medium size stainless steel closed circuit cooling tower. It is suitable for a single unit machine cooling, such as high-induction melting furnace, water cooled compressor, industry chiller and more than one plastic injection machines.

Closed circuit cooling tower are made with galvanize aluminium plate or #304 stainlesss steel with stainless steel heat exchanger and large maintenance space. The water and air are designed with the same inflow and effective heat dissipation.
Series SCT
SCT series' shell is made from stainless steel and Mitsubishi copper tube. The materials are promised to be non-polluted and eco-friendly.
closed cooling tower
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