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We have experience of overcoming limescale for 22 years whether export and domestic .

Closed type cooling tower expert

New product-High efficiency design

HCT-50 to 250 RT

High efficiency mixed flow closed loop cooling tower.

Brand-new HCT closed loop cooling tower adopts double winds. It is designed by water and wind are the same direction. It can enlarge area of heat dissipation. At the same time, it can completely cover with heat exchanger to acheive the biggest efficiency.

New innovation - simple maintenance

SCT-15 to 100 series

Eco-friendly stainless steel material closed circuit cooling tower

All in stainless steel body, rapid maintenance in simple steps and without any consumables .

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We are specialized production in Closed Circuit tower with 22-year experience.

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Why Facilities Use Closed Type Cooling Tower?
industirl example We can do it
  • plastic injection molding machines.
  • low, medium and high-induction melting furnace.
  • For chiller processing
  • Air compressor
  • Change water from hot to cold
  • Cooling and cleaning water
cooling machine product line
  • Anti-limescle system 
  • Decrease limescale possibility of other heat exchanger.
  • Achieve the maximum of efficiency
  • Lower the cost of mainteanance
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  Customer's Witness
  • Heat exchanger is no long to clean
  • Cooling efficiency is stable
  • Machine failure unexpected is no more
  • Prolong lifetiime of machine
  • Improve Labor productivity
  • Do simple maintenance only in the future

Why customers choose JH closed type cooling tower?

Regard to closed type cooling tower, we own experience of designing, manufacturing, assembling and after-sales service for 22 years. Furthermore, we export over 10 countries and areas. Hence equipment user choose Jin Hui absolutely for stable productivity.


Quick assembly & After-sales service

Through local engineering company contact with us to solve your assembel problems collaboratively. Otherwise, entrust us to go ahead assemble service. We can solve your problems rapidly.


Select the fittest cooling maching for you

We own experience of facilities more than 22 years. Provide cooling system consulting service the fittest cooling machine to our customers by computerized selection.


Modularization & High efficiency

For 22 years, the more researches we have done, the smarter products we had. Closed circuit cooling tower is easy to maintain and fix. We develop continuously more high efficiency closed circuit cooling tower. We are moving forward to cooling tower expert and keep effort for it.


Do you have more requests?

We welcome machine suppliers to cooperate by using our closed circuit cooling tower on their production. Customize closed circuit cooling tower to conform your demand and achieve win-win sitution.

If you have limescale. Please contact with us immediately.