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Professional Washing Agent for Tube Cleaner

To effectively clean and maintain customers’ heat exchanger deposited by limescale, Jin Hui engineer develops tube cleaner for cleaning pipes. This cleaning machine can safely descale the limescale deposited on heat exchanger. The chemical agent customer choose will decide the cleaning speed and effectiveness.

There are two kinds of agent for cleaning pipes:

  1. Weak acid Pipe Cleaning Agent
  2. Eco-friendly concentrated Pipe Cleaning Agent

Weak acid Pipe Cleaning Agent)

Weak acid Pipe Cleaning Agent has patented blended anti-corrosive agent inside, cleaning your equipment:

  1. Regular maintenance engineering such as mold cleaning, tube cleaning for low level descale
  2. Equipment and pipes with low strength material
  3. Clean rust spots

For long operating time, the chemical agent can be used with Jin Hui tube cleaner to clean safely and maintain long-term operation.

Eco-friendly concentrated Pipe Cleaning Agent

Eco-friendly concentrated pipe cleaning agent has been granted a patent for the technology of copper surface filming. It decreases the possibility of damage on heat exchanger surface under heavy cleaning. This kind of agent is much stronger and only applicable for hard scale such as:

  1. Plastic injection heat exchanger
  2. Casting plate type heat exchanger
  3. Chiller, condenser of air conditioner

Jin Hui suggest that customers use agent with tube cleaner to clean limescale safely and extend lifetime of pumps.

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Jin Hui specialize in getting rid of limescale for decades. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any requirement for limescale blockage on cooler. We will use our rich experience to solve your problems regarding washing agent.