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gravity casting, metal injection

Cooling for gravity/injection molding

In metal forming, there is a permanent mold casting which employs reusable mole. Differently from the one-time mold, there usually are a mold cooling and a die casting processes. The cooling processes involved include:

  1. Heating equipment cooling
  2. Furnace body cooling
  3. Mold cooling
  4. Hydraulic press cooling

The modern saving-energy technology is getting better and better, the hydraulic press for cooling is relatively getting less and less. At the same time, most material for injection machine is alloy products. Therefore, the casting for heating equipment power isn’t as high as casting industry. But for the manufacturing system of injection or die casting industry, the cooling plays an important role as both of them are required from the raw material heating to the final casting forming.

Influence of limescale on gravity casting and injection casting

Nonetheless, most of our customers, who adopted traditional open cooling towers, often encounter many problems in their daily production. Because all the production process required cooling for their equipment, customer’s production equipment often appear problems when encountering polluted environment and poor water quality. For example:

  1. Blockage in cooling circuit (contribute to the decrease in mold opening speed)
  2. Blockage of injection and gravity oil cooler, higher oil temperature results in oil leakage
  3. Inefficient cooling for furnace body
  4. Overheated induction heating equipment

Why does limescale build up?

Many people indicated that poor water quality such as underground water or tap water contains Calcium Carbonate to form limescale! To solve the problem, many people tried to acid wash to remove limescale but failed. Many problems also appear:

  1. Mold can’t be effectively washed, acid-washing cause in corrosion or rust
  2. Oil temperature is too high, frequent machine halt for acid-washing is necessary
  3. Induction heating equipment result in overheated machine even shutdown

To increase the production speed in the manufacturing process, people usually choose cooling tower as cooling equipment. But in the cooling process, the cooling water evaporates but impurities stayed; and further, impurities concentration are getting higher and higher, finally encounters heat to form limescale through water circuit and result in the blockage of water circuit.

Problems of limescale for gravity, injection industry

Many customers are bothered by limescale, we usually recommend that customers use closed circuit cooling tower to overcome limescale problem! Differed from traditional water softener or putting chemical into water circuit, the biggest characteristic is that the internal heat exchanger of closed circuit cooling tower is used to separate cooling water for industrial process (inner water) and cooling water for cooling tower (outer water), ensuring that cooling water for process equipment is always clean.

  1. No blockage in mold
  2. No overheating in oil temperature
  3. No acid washing required for process equipment
  4. Only need to wash closed circuit cooling tower

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