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Internal circulating pump/motor for closed circuit cooling tower

Pump plays an important role in cooled water circulation. It regulates water flow rate, water pressure and keeps cooled water in circulation for facilities. The internal circulating pump of the closed circuit cooling tower keeps the water in circulation for equipment.

Seal for circulating pump

In general, we use standard seal for room temperature circulating water. But for high temperature cooling towers and frigid zone, we collocate special seals.

The material of circulating pump

Most pumps for cooling towers are constructed with iron casting material. Customers can also choose stainless steel material or general pump.

Circulation motors (Customization upon water pressure and flow rate)

Jin Hui cooperates with many famous motor manufacturers such as TECO Corp. and Walrus Pump. Customers can also choose vortex pumps and high pressure pumps according to different water pressure and flow rate. We are confident that we can satisfy your expectation.

Contact Jin Hui

Jin Hui welcome domestic and international customers to patronize, please feel free to contact us if you have any big flow rate vortex pumps or high pressure pumps for closed circuit or open cooling towers.