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Industrial chillers are divided into water cooled chiller and air cooled chiller:


Air cooled chiller (FCR AIR COOLED CHILLER?)

Water cooled chiller(WCR AIR COOLED CHILLER?)

Need cooling tower? No  Yes 
Compressor efficiency Depends on climate Good
Build up limescale on evaporative system? Yes Yes
Maintenance method Need to clean aluminum fin to avoid blocking dust. Need acid-washing to clean limescale for heat exchanger
Maintenance for ice water system Add in anti-corrosive agent Add in anti-corrosive agent

From the above, we can know that water cooled chiller is capable of achieving better cooling efficiency. But maintenance items are more than air cooled chiller. Next paragraph we will introduce maintenance methods for water cooled chiller.

Anti-corrosive maintenance for ice water circulating system

The ice water circulating system is in a closed circuit, hence other impurities will not produce. But molds or parts that uses ice water for cooling requires disassembling often. That’s the reason that air indirectly enters into ice water system, contributing to the corrosion accumulates on cooling circuit and molds. To prevent this situation, it’s able to add in concentrated anti-corrosive agent into ice water system to protect and extend metal circuit from air oxidation.

Heat exchanger of water cooled chiller – chemical maintenance

The principle of water cooled chiller is that using external cooling tower to dissipate heat and advances running efficiency of compressor. But, the operation of open cooling tower brings a number of calcium carbonate and impurities into heat exchanger and causes the poor heat exchange efficiency. When this situation appears, we suggest that customers use “Concentrated Pipe Cleaning Agent” and “Tube Cleaner” to clean to maintain the cooling efficiency of chillers.

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