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Introduction of cross/counter flow cooling tower

Bases on the flow direction of cooling water and air, there are two types cooling towers – cross flow and counter flow. This article will show you the difference of these two type cooling towers.

Cross flow cooling tower


In cross flow cooling tower, water is falling from above, the air and water are flow in vertical way. Because heat dissipation material is closed to the collection basin, the advantage is reducing water falling noise. Cross flow type usually used in square cooling tower, but the structure is fixed with large amount of iron piece, so it cost more higher than round cooling tower.

cross flow cooling tower


  1. Simple design.
  2. Easy maintenance.
  3. Low noise of water pressure.
  4. Smaller floor space, more economic benefits for long term use.

Counter flow cooling tower


In counter flow cooling tower, cooling air and water flow are in opposite direction, for this reason, it can reach maximum area of dissipation. It commonly used in round cooling tower, and also used in square cooling tower in some case.

counter flow cooling tower


  1. High efficiency of heat exchange.
  2. Inside structure complicated, difficult to maintenance.
  3. Easy to produced limescale and moss.
  4. Fills of round cooling tower can’t be maintenance regularly.
  5. It’s easier to occurs splash drift losses problem.

Jin-Hui Combined flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Our Jin-Hui Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is in Combined flow type (principle of closed circuit cooling tower),It combined with covering technology of heat exchanger tube, and the high efficiency cooling capacity, completely solve the splash drift losses problem, and kept the advantage of non-noise (HCT series closed circuit cooling tower).

Advantage of Jin-Hui Combined flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

  1. Overcome limescale problem.
  2. #304 stainless steel shell and coil (zinc aluminum-plate available).
  3. Air/water flow in the same way, and cross type design.
  4. Low splash drift losses.
  5. Large maintenance space.

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