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Closed Circuit Cooling Tower - Shell and Frame Material

The selection of outer shell and frame for cooling tower has a huge influence on the lifetime and maintenance of cooling tower. Hence, customers have to estimate the overall performance especially maintenance requirement when choosing closed circuit cooling tower. In general, the first thing we have to consider is the surrounding environment. The common outer shell material for closed circuit cooling tower is as follows:

Shell material


#304/316 Stainless Steel 

Suitable to any area, durable and easy to maintain

FRP Glass Fiber

Corrosion resistance, high toughness, non-recyclable, environment pollution

Galvanized material  

General area, specific area with anti-corrosion treatment

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower- Heat exchanger material

The selection of heat exchanger that related to environment and cooling fluid type is the core part of the cooling tower. The common materials are as follows:

Heat exchanger material


Red copper tube Small type cooling tower - high heat exchange efficiency, space saving
#304/ 316 stainless steel material Big type cooling tower - coast area, corrosive environment 
Galvanized tube Big type cooling tower- general environment, low unit price
Alloyed copper  
Plastic material Small type cooling tower, for the use of lower heat capacity with special fluid

According to different applications and locations, the selection of material for heat exchanger is different. Small type cooling tower usually uses red copper heat exchanger with its malleability that achieves heat transfer efficiency. On the other hand, stainless steel heat exchanger tube is used in the coast area or corrosive environment. However, stainless steel heat exchanger tube that is used in small cooling tower has lower heat conduction. Therefore, the heat transfer area needs to design bigger than before. On the contrary, big type cooling tower doesn’t have obvious effect when choosing this material for heat exchanger. If the price or heat exchanger renewal is under your consideration, we suggest that customers use galvanized steel tube as economical choice.

For some special fluid used for cooling such as fertilizer, acid liquid or other expensive fluids, it is recommended that using plastic heat exchanger tube to clean impurities. Because of smaller heat capacity, we just need to increase the heat exchange area of plastic tube; and then, the cooling effect can be overcome.

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