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Hello, I’m cooling tower expert, today I’ll introducing our Tube Cleaner.
Plastic manufacture customer often encounter limescale problem happened in the plastic injection equipments, it usually make machine unable to operate, production unstable, or even shut down.

  • Limescale on mold

  • Limescale on cooler of injection machine

  • Limescale on water jacket

  • Limescale on chiller

  • Limescale on Chiller and Mold Temperature Controller

How to clean mold's limescale by Tube Cleaner

clean mold

Maintenance and cleaning are very important for mold, mold temperature controller, and cylinder, because it will affect the quality of production. Generally, theirs cooling water circuit are more complicated, so when the water circuit blocked, staff member usually remove the mold for maintenance, it’s waste of time and energy.

Therefore, you can use Tube Cleaner, Jin-Hui Tube Cleaner could set diameter depending on the size of mold. In large-size mold, you can connect to the hose equipment directly; in small-size, you can directly use by the hose adapter, it’s very convenient. Sometimes, when you don’t need so much water amount, you can use regulating valve to reduce the pressure that caused by mold equipment.

How to clean cooler's limescale by Tube Cleaner

clean cooler

Heat exchanger and cooler usually besides or below to the machine, shell-tube heat exchanger is for common used, and it’s easier to clean and maintenance than mold because the water circuit is straight.

When everything was completed, it’s time for cleaning, water intake can optionally connected to one of the sides, and backwater connect to the bucket side, diameter usually in 3/4 to 1 inch, in special cases, you can connect to corresponding diameter and adjust the flow rate! Because plastic injection machine are usually arrange side by side, so Jin-Hui Tube Machine add wheel design, it could quickly move in each injection machine for cleaning, so convenient! In process of circulating, you have to add cleaning agents for safety cleaning.

Any question about Jin-Hui Tube Cleaner is welcome.

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