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Introduction of cooling tower’s water consumption

    The order of cooling tower’s water consumption amount is evaporation, blow-down, splash and drift losses, evaporation is account for 55-85% of total amount, it even over 80% in continuous operation plant. The following are introduction of evaporation and splash losses

    Cooling tower use water circuit to bring heat out, in this process, part of cooling water will be evaporated, this is called evaporation loss. Evaporation loss usually represents the efficiency of cooling tower and the heat of equipment.

    When cooling tower sprinkler drops on the fills, the drop may out of cooling tower along with wind, or drop down to the intake louver of bottom, causing the splash and drift losses. This is also relative to the design of cooling tower and the maintenance status of these accessories below

  1. Design of water baffle
  2. Limescale blocked on water distribution tube
  3. Nozzle damage
  4. Limescale blocked on fills
  5. Circulation motor is too large
  6. Is there has the design of drift?

Comparison of cooling tower’s splash and drift losses

    Some cooling towers trying to increase cooling efficiency, so it installed the fans that not match it’s capacity, as a result, it didn’t cooling down the temperature, but increase the energy and water consumption.

Jin-Hui cooling towers are focus on improving this problems, and decrease the loss of splash effectively.

Water saving design of Jin-Hui cooling tower

    For those reason causing water consumption of cooling tower, Jin-Hui company take improved design, let cooling tower play better cooling capacity, meanwhile, it could also reduce the loss of splash.(Principle of closed circuit cooling tower)

Cooling water distribution system

    The cooling water distribution system located above the cooling tower, allowing fills be sprayed more equally. And the patent L-type water cover make fan to bring hot air out quickly, prevent large drops dragged out by the fan, to achieve the purpose of water saving.

cooling tower water distribution

Inclined water baffle

    The intake louver of bottom, using inclined water holding baffle to replace the traditional design, this 3 on 1 design largely decrease the splash and drift losses on operation, avoid the surrounding environment damage, it also saving water and energy consumption, benefit to space use.

cooling towerintake louver

Suitable fan and motor

It’s very important to choose fan and motor that match cooling tower’s capacity.(calculating cooling capability for your equipment)

cooling tower limescale

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