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The function of circulating water tank

The circulating water tank is in place to act as a cushion and distribute cooling water to different loops. Then utilize single or several circulating pumps to distribute cooling water to equipment.

Types of circulating water tank

Generally speaking, it is necessary to consider the water consumption of overall system as a base for water tank capacity. Then, think its arrangement and decide the model.

Common circulating water tank as below:

  1. Stainless steel water tank with brace
  2. Drum type water tank without foot
  3. Box type water tank
  4. Lay down water tank

Open holes on circulating water tank loop

The connection between closed circuit cooling tower and circulating motor is by the medium of circulating water tank.

  1. The bore diameter of returning water hole (where the closed circuit cooling tower connects with water tank)
  2. The bore diameter of delivering water hole (where the water pumped into the customer’s system)

Requirement for multiple loops can be done by opening holes according to the water way.

The material and thickness of circulating water tank

For circulating water tank, customers are able to choose SUS304 stainless steel material or plastic water tank. Most in use are SUS304 stainless steel with the thickness of 0.5mm-1mm.

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