Jin-Hui Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd.

Jin Hui Closed Circuit Cooling Tower applies to different water quality and specializes in overcoming limescale problem.

Development & Manufacture

Jin-Hui's R&D team aims to fulfill the requirement that overcomes limescale problem produced by water quality among different countries for different industries.

Technology & Service

The introduction of Jin Hui website contains product information, maintenance methods and installation technology that our distributors can deeply realize and promptly master product technology. As well as use directions and technologies, these information mentioned on website improves the form of transportation and packaging techniques to solve technical problem during sales process.

Competitive product

Price is not only an important factor in this competitive market, but also the profit source to the distributors. We offer competitive price to enhance your profit margin and selling willingness.

Mutual trust

Jin Hui knows that mutual trust is the most important between manufacturers and distributors. It is our responsibility to let our partners fully understand our superior products. With the strong-tied relationship, our distributors are comforted to sell products.

Become Jin-Hui's distributor

Jin-Hui Cooling Machine Co., Ltd has experience in cooling and designing cooling system for more than 30 years. Our closed circuit cooling tower designed for solving limescale have been widely used in various industries. Jin Hui cordially invites you to become our partner! Feel free to contact us:
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Jin Hui is confident that we can meet your requirement!