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Cooling capacity:
135,000 Kcal/ 157KW
Stainless Steel #304 Shell
Heat Exchanger Coil:
Mitsubishi Copper Tube
Easy Maintenance
Electronic Anti-Stain
Reusable Fills
Space Saving

Description(What is Closed Circuit Cooling Tower?)

SCT-45 is advanced version of SCT-30, it’s medium-size Stainless Steel Closed Circuit Cooling Tower among SCT series, applicable to one-to-one industrial equipment for cooling, such as forging and casting equipment. It also used in small and medium scale plastic molding factory, making your equipment clean without limescale. SCT series is also easy maintenance just like SCT-30, so that the machine can be regularly cleaned and maintained without supplies, modular accessories can be fast to deal with maintenance problems, this is a closed circuit cooling tower not only convenient, but also beautiful and environmentally friendly.


  • Plastic injection molding, blow molding machine
  • Low, medium and high-induction melting furnace
  • Forging
  • Air Compressor
  • Chiller
  • Cooling facility for transferring hot water to cold water
  • Environment pollution reduces mechanical efficiency
  • Tube blocked by CaCo3 and dirty water


SCT-45 Design Condition

Cooling Capacity (38°C to 33°C Wet bulb 27°C) 135,000 Kcal/h 450 LPM
Fan Motor Type Axial flow fan (8P low noise)
Fan Shell Material Anti-UV& One piece fabricated (ABS material)
Shell Material Material: Stainless steel #304 
Machine Base Material Material: Stainless steel #304
Electronic type anti-stain device To decrease limescale attaching on copper tube
Water Basin Material Anti-UV& One piece fabricated (ABS material)
Heat Exchanger Coil Japan Mitsubishi Copper Tube
Fan Electricity 0.75 KW x 8P
Fan Volume 11500 m³/hr
Spray Pump Electricity 1.5 KW
Net Weight 700 KG
Dimensions (L*W*H cm) 2100(L) x 1450(W) x 2450(H)



Cooling fan stack& Motor

cooling tower fanSCT-45 with low-sound fan motor and ABS one-piece fabricated fan stack not only lowers noise but also avoids vibration problem, as compared to traditional type.

Shell material

cooling tower material

SCT-45 with stainless steel SUS304 structure adopts one-piece fabricated design is firm and great-looking!

Easy to dismount

SCT cooling tower maintenanceSCT-45 is an eco-friendly and sustainable closed circuit cooling tower with SUS304 shell and detachable design for simple maintenance to reduce labor and technical cost.

Heat exchange coil

cooling tower copper tubeHeat exchange coil made of Japan Mitsubishi copper tube has high thermal conductivity and great ductility. It’s suitable for small closed type cooling system to maximize heat exchange efficiency.

Fill & Water Distribution System

cooling tower fill

Sprinkler system with patented flap was attached on SCT-45. Moreover, ABS heat dissipation fill features high toughness, impact resistance, beat bearing and reusable.

Electronic Anti-stain Device

descaling deviceUnder fixed concentration, SCT-45 with electronic anti-scale device lowers the potential of building up limescale on coil by separating ions.


cooling tower baseBase support that utilizes 2.6mm SUS #304 corner bracket is durable and firm to ensure working stability.

Water Basin

cooling tower water basinWater basin made by ABS one-piece fabricated mold distributes weight of cooling tower evenly. Furthermore, bevel face design of tower’s bottom helps to get rid of dirty easily.

Pump & SUS #304 Cover

cooling tower pumpsExternal circulator motor for SCT-45 takes advantage of high-flow circulator pump and SUS304 waterproof cover to reduce the potential of producing rust for staying outdoors.


Step1: Water Distribution Tube

Water Distribution TubeFirst, open the device case and turn down the sprinkler pipe 90∘counterclockwise for maintenance. After cleaning, put all the parts back and make sure the spray hole upward.

Step2: Fill

cooling tower fill maintenanceFill under the sprinkler tube are piece by piece design. Take it out by screw driver and beat it to get rid of the dirt and scale deposits. Then put the fill back.

Step3: Heat Exchange Coil

cooling tower coil maintenanceOpen the intake louver underneath then use high pressure washer to rinse out the dirt and deposition attached on the coil. PS: When limescale problem occurs, please contact us for professional support.

Step4: Water Basin

water basin maintenanceAfter finishing all cleaning steps above, there will be plenty of deposition, impurities and calcium carbonate in the water basin. Furthermore, to avoid contaminating the circulating system, make sure that water basin is clean before machine operates. PS: Regularly discharging external water of basin is helpful for reducing the increase of calcium ion concentration besides lowering 70% chance of forming limescale.

SCT-45 closed loop cooling tower pipe layout

Cooling Tower Pipe Layout

環保中型密閉冷卻水塔 (SCT-60) 180000 Kcal/h
SCT-60 is a medium type or large type closed type stainless steel cooling tower in SCT series. Its function is cooling. It can be one cooling tower to one machine. At the same time, it can be used in medium plastic forming plant.
Closed Circuit Cooling Tower (HCT-50-500)
HCT-50-500 could be customized in super galvanize aluminize plate or # 304 stainless steel and adopt stainless steel heat exchanger. Fan & sprinkler in same direction design could avoid water spraying out.
Closed Type Cooling Tower (PCT-15-40)

PCT-15-40 with PE coil design patent ensures cooling fluid clean and prevents acid corrosion. It is economic closed cooling system special for low thermal cooling.

Principle of Closed Circuit Cooling Tower
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