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# 304 stainless steel body
PP Anti-Acid Pump< /blockquote>
F.R.P Water Tank
4 Wheels Trolley
Dismount Union Switch
No-Fuse Breaker
Bottom Drainage


WM Tube Cleaner is professional for cleaning limescale. The WM series is made for the use of chiller, plate heat exchanger and mold that have been blocked by limescale. WM Tube Cleaner is modular equipment that is suitable for cleaning many machines. This tube cleaner is easy to use and durable, customers will no longer have concern with motor rustiness and corrosion problems. Also, its safety design makes sure that the users don’t worry about leakage current or agent spray from cleaning the machine. WM is absolutely your best choice to get rid of limescale.


  • Plastic injection machine - Oil temperature cooling system
  • Refrigerator condenser, cooler
  • Mold cooling water circuit
  • Mold temperature controller cooling circuit
  • Air compressor cooling system
  • Casting system plate type heat exchanger
  • Various manufacture facilities cooling system


Model number WM-75 WM-100 WM-135
Circulating Water Flow (L/min) 75 100 135
Lift (m) 6.8 9.8 12.5
Tube Diameter (inch) 3/4" 1" 1"
Phase / Frequency / Voltage single phase voltage: 110V/220V frequency:50/60
Net Weight (kg) 23.5
Dimensions (mm) 600(L)x450(W)x780(H)
Body Material # 304 (1.5mm) stainless steel body
Acid / Alkaline Resistance Pump PP Acid/alkaline resistance glandless pump
Water Tank Material F.R.P Acid / Alkaline Resistance Water Tank,L:250*W:250*H:600* (40Liter)
water way switch The switches for the water channels are acid/alkaline resistance and have various tube inlets and outlets.
Acid/alkaline resistance pump cover # 304 stainless steel protection cover
Movable trolley 4 thickened and reinforced wheels
Pressure adjustment Built-in circulating system. It prevents pump from idling and adjusts the pressure of outgoing water.
Drainage Bucket and base drainage system
Power Switch Shihlin manufactured NFB (No Fuse Breaker)



Machine Housing

Machine HousingTube Cleaner body that is constructed with 1.5mm thickness Stainless Steel #304 is tough and durable, no worries at motor vibration and agent corrosion.

P.P Pump & Cover

P.P Pump & CoverWM Tube Cleaner that takes PP non-leak shaft seal pump is able to prevent corrosion from acid washing. Above the pump is Stainless Steel #304 lid to protect the pump against agent spraying.

Water Tank & Bottom Drainage

Water Tank & DrainageThe circulating water tank for WM tube cleaning machine is made with F.R.P acid/alkaline resistance material. The drainage of the water tank is constructed on the side and the bottom for easy maintenance after using.

Union Switch

Union SwitchWM tube cleaning machine with anti-acid hammer union is suited to different tube diameters.

Movable Trolley

Movable TrolleyWM Tube Cleaning Machine with 4 intensified wheels is designed for easily movable and convenient to load enough water amount.

Safety Design

Safety DesignThe tube cleaning machine is integrated with an internal circulating system that prevents the pump from idling and controls the pressure of outlet water. To ensure operational safety, the machine is equipped with circuit breaker to avoid electric leakage.

Cleaning Steps

Cleaning Steps

  1. Pour water and cleaning chemical agent into water tank
  2. Turn on switch D and activate motor
  3. Switch on C valve to make solution flow into cooling water circuit
  4. Finish all above steps, machine will start cleaning up
  5. Solution with impurities flows back to water tank again
  6. Repeatedly circulate for 20-30 minutes (operating time depends on condition)
  7. Turn on E valve to discharge polluted water
  8. Finish all cleaning steps


small closed circuit cooling tower
SCT-30 closed circuit cooling towers are smaller to medium size constructed with stainless steel. It is suitable for small one-to-one facility such as high-induction melting furnance, water cooled compressor, industrial chiller or one-to many plastic injection systems.
Water cooled chiller WCR
WCR series chillers are designed for industrial use. Hence, high stable and efficiency is our appeal.
Industrial application
We are experienced in providing services to different industries and solving clogging problems cause by limescale.
Welcome to learn our professionals. We are a professionlized cooling machine manufacturer.