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Closed circuit cooling tower maintenance agent:

In the operating process of closed circuit cooling tower, the heat exchanger separates inner and outer water, so that cooling water including impurities and limescale won’t enter into equipment to cool. But how to increase lifetime of closed circuit cooling tower and heat exchanger?

  • External Circuit ─ Clean Moss
  • External Circuit ─ Clean Limescale
  • Internal Circuit ─ Prevent Corrosion

Introduction of maintenance:

External Circuit ─ Clean Moss

The closed circuit cooling tower utilizes the operation of fans to absorb outside air and take away the heat energy. Although internal circulating water (inner water) of heat exchanger is not affected by impurities, the outside air with dirt which fan absorbed dissolves in outer water and grows moss under the exposure of sunshine. Besides cleaning the basin more, placing some biocide tablets in the bottom of water basin is always a good way to avoid growing the moss and to reduce the possibility of producing bacterial.

External Circuit ─ Clean Limescale

Using Closed Circuit Cooling Tower ensures inner water clean; however, the continuous evaporative cooling contributes to the growth of calcium concentration. When reaching to a certain level, the calcium reacts with heat to form limescale. In order to cope with limescale, the best way to reduce the concentration of calcium concentration is to regularly discharge original water from water basin and exchange new water. But if the surroundings of cooling tower is exceptional, for example, the heat exchanger or fill are attached by limescale, customers are able to use citric acid or calcium carbonate to dissolve limscale for maintenance.

Internal Circuit ─ Prevent Corrosion

Because closed circuit cooling tower separates internal circuit and external circuit, there’s no cooling water consumption, no air pollution and no increasing of calcium carbonate concentration due to evaporation. Consequently, most users who use closed circuit cooling tower will supply following water to ensure the cleanness of internal circuit:

  • Pure water
  • Distilled water
  • Tap water
  • Ground water

Although limescale does not deposit on heat exchange coil, anti-corrosion agents is usually supplied into internal water cooling system to protect the usage of metal pipes and prevent semi-closed circuit system from contacting air to produce corrosion situation.

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