Product List Of Cooling Machines

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of closed loop cooling tower.

Air Cooled Chiller

FCR series chiller are designed for using in industrial environment. Hence high stable efficiency is our appeal. Hence, FCR series are top blowing design.

Water Cooled Chiller

WCR series chiller is designed for industrial environment. We appeal high stable efficency. WCR series chiller adopts import compressor and expansion valves.

Tube Cleaner WM-75-135

Jin-Hui WM series tube cleaner It is for clean limescale of cooling water tube. It can help customer who suffers limescale troubles to wash cooler, plate type heat exchanger and mold.

Mixed Flow & High Efficiency Closed Cooling Tower

HC series are large and closed type cooling tower. Producs are apots latest double intake air desin system. Except add into 2 times heat dissiasppation, it also let water dissipation system acheve the biggest limits cover of coil.

Stainless Steel SCT-60 (180000 Kcal/h) Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

It is medium type or huge type stainless steel closed cooling tower. It can be one cooling tower to one facility cooling for many kinds Industries such as forging and casting facilities.

Medium Closed Type Cooling Tower (SCT-45) 135000 Kcal/h

SCT-45 is an advanced edition of SCT-30 closed type cooling tower. It is medium type stainless steel closed cooling tower.

Stainless Steel SCT-30 (90000 Kcal/h) Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

SCT-30 closed type cooling tower is small type or medium type stainless steel .closed type cooling tower. It is for small type and medium type facility cooling.

Weak acid Pipe Cleaning Agent

Limescale will delay and block efficiency of heat exchanger. Facilities are easy to overheat, broken and shut down to effect defect-free rate.

Anti-corrosion Agent

Closed type cooling tower separates the inner and outer circulations so that the inner circulation water will not loss and be affected by dirt and pollutants, nor will the calcium concentration increase due to evaporation.

Biocide Tablets for cooling water

The cooling tower needs to inhale the outer air into the tower. Dirt may affect the outer circulation water and moss can exist in the water. In addition to the frequent cleaning to the basin, you can put some biocide tablets into the water to control and moss for maintaining a good quality of water.

Eco-friendly concentrated Pipe Cleaning Agent

Limescale will delay and block efficiency of heat exchanger. Facilities are easy to overheat, broken and shut down to effect defect-free rate.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

For related water-treatment agent and maintenance technology, please contact Jin Hui. We are glad to serve you and stabilize your production.

LCD Temperature Control Box- protection, thermostat, energy-saving

LCD temperature control box is designed by Jin-Hui. It can display every parts of tower. It will not trip if one part is broken. In addition, it prevent burning. It will not cause damage seriously.

Cooling Tower Water Tank

If you have any problems regarding installation location of circulating tank, material, bole and volume, please contact with us. We are honor to serve you.

Circulator pump for closed circuit cooling tower

Circulating pump is very important water circulation of cooling tower. It is to maintain a proper circulation of cooling water for system. Meanwhile, it has to provide constant water flow rate and pressure.

Chiller Water Treatment Agent

Please contact Jin-Hui if you have inquiries about maintenance of chiller and maintenance technology. We are honor to serve you. We can help your facilities to reach a stable production.

Stainless Steel Water Tank

There are two types of circulating tank in chillers. One is the expanasion water tank used in box type chiller. Other is the thermos tank connected to the chiller outer circulation loop.

Circulation Pump for Chiller

If you have any inquiries about chiller, circulating pump pressure and flow rate, please contact with Jin-Hui. We will help you to choose the best-fit ice water system.

Stainless Steel Tube Cleaning Rod

We can accord shell-shape heat exchanger' length to design length of clean rod and drill bore. You also can choose general specification. Specification is optional.

Professional Washing Agent

To effectively maintain customers’ heat exchangers, we develop a cooling-pipe cleaning machine.  This cleaning machine can safely descale the limescale. The cleaning agent will decide the duration of this cleaning process.