Jin-Hui Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd.

Experience Transmission & Technology Application

Jin Hui adheres to the management philosophy of "Honesty, Innovation, Quality, Service" with specialized products besides "Efficient Operation, Humanized Management, Customized Equipment” to make efforts in research, improvement and innovation aiming to build a solid foundation on business development.

Scientific Operation & Ethical Management

Jin Hui adopts scientific management to build knowledge systems, design process, production quality management and customer relationship management. In order to help customers get information and troubleshoot promptly, Jin Hui takes advantage of cyber technologies with information database to demonstrate our experience for customers.

Technology Innovation & Industry-Academy Cooperation

To walk in the forefront of the cooling industry, we not only design by ourselves but also employ academy experts as consultant to provide advanced technologies, new knowledge and combine the ideas with industry experts to design more suitable cooling machine for customer expectation.

Vision and Goal

Develop core-technologies and projects, lead market trends to meet industrial cooling requirement.

Manufacture all-round cooling towers, equipment and cooling systems.

Devoted to the integration of new technology development and product lines for offering different product to different industries.

Market demand for products was introduced into R & D program planning, so that both the market and technology could achieve production and promotion integration.

Key technology that meets industrial development strategy is able to grasp the trend, offer high quality services and create superior brand.