Jin-Hui Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd.

Operation Management Department

  • Plan the long-term business objectives to make decision and inspect twice
  • Lead all sectors for sustainable profiting growth, effectively integrate internal and external resources to create profits
  • Build operative goal to review and evaluate performance among departments and provide amendatory program and improvement proposal, so the internal control can carry out effectively

Human Resources Department

  • Plan to elect, train, and teach staff, so the suitable personnel can stay with us
  • Develop employee’s capability and leadership
  • Provide appropriate promotion system and good working environment
  • Manage general administration, procurement, human development and other matters

Accounting Department

  • Responsible for costs and finance
  • Investment management, funds management
  • Accounting cashier, budget analysis, reporting and review other matters

Sales Department

  • Offer customers with the most advanced information and the best service
  • Designated persons take charge of customers from different countries
  • Product promotion and explanation, integration of production and sales, business development
  • Do the market survey and advise appropriate product planning for different customer's needs
  • Respond to customers’ complaints and provide technical resources promptly

R & D Engineering Department

  • Responsible for quality control, research and develop patented technology and maintain production cost
  • Plan the most efficient product process and the least shipment time
  • Build the rigorous inspection standard, quality control system and process
  • Held internal educational training program, so employees are able to learn about the newest products and technologies
  • Avoid false information in the company and achieve the production-marketing coordination to ensure best service for customers

Marketing Department

  • Network resource and information security management
  • Internet market analysis for customer relationship management
  • Provide first hand product information to customers around the world, conduct internet sales exposure
  • Offer timely online technical consultation

Technical Services Department

  • Product benefits analysis and process establishment
  • Understand product status and offer feedback
  • Troubleshoot for users, reply to questions and track the condition
  • After sales service and business support

Company culture

To keep pace with the world and catch up with steps of progress speed, Jin Hui utilizes advanced structure that decreases administrative levels to encourage flexibility and creativity. This can help companies respond to the demand of the market quickly. Besides, a way of modern network communicating such as email, ERP and message system that increase operation efficiency for internal and external communications among entrepreneurs.