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For coolers and refrigerators

The application of refrigerating equipment is widely used in food industry. Refrigerating can keep food fresh. So, there are many refrigerating companies around sea port and distributing center. Refrigerators usually use big chiller and different cooling mediums for different compressors according to the temperature for refrigerating. There are two types of cold mediums:

  1. Cooling medium
  2. Ammonia

For different refrigerating requirement, the produced heat energy is different based on mediums compressed by compressor. Finally, the heat energy flows to cooling tower through the heat exchanger. Under long-term operation, the power consumption mainly depends on cooling efficiency of cooling tower. With lower temperature and higher cooling efficiency, the power consumption and temperature are able to remain lower and more stable.

Theoretically speaking, big type refrigerating system with bigger cooling system can reach the biggest advancement. But, why does the design of cooling tower with highest efficiency still cause in poor dissipation and shutdown?

Limescale influences heat exchanger of refrigerating machine

Among many of our customers are located near sea and ports. Some will use traditional open type cooling tower as backup cooling facility of chillers. However, lots of dust and minerals will get into the heat exchanger when cooling tower brings out heat energy from the refrigerator. Finally resulted in problems as below:

  1. Blockage of cooler on refrigerators
  2. Poor heat dissipation and cause shutdown of refrigerator
  3. Poor efficiency of refrigerator
  4. Refrigerator cooler needed to be acid-washing

Because of this, customers usually ask how to isolate limescale from reaching to equipment. Then we will explain to them:To eradicate limescale, cooling tower is a key point.

Overcome limescale problem of heat exchanger on refrigerator

The most difference of design principle is that closed circuit cooling tower separates inner water and outer water. The cooling water for cooling and cooling water for refrigerator are different. This can ensure:

  1. No limescale troubles on refrigerator cooler
  2. Dirt is isolated inside closed circuit cooling tower
  3. No matter how many refrigerators you have, clients only need to maintain closed circuit cooling tower

We’re committed to overcoming limescale for customers! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have different requirement.