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Cooling Capacity:
180,000 Kcal to 1000,000 Kcal
Fan & sprinkler in same direction design
could avoid water spraying out
Galvanized aluminum body
(#304 stainless steel is available)
High efficiency
double heat dissipation area
Big maintenance space
Dechargeable filler design
#304 stainless steel tube

Description ( What is closed type cooling tower? )

HCT Series is the largest line of closed circuit cooling tower. This newest design of double air intake system not only doubles the heat dissipation area but also maximizes the coverage of coil in water distribution system for lowering the possibility of building up limescale.

HCT with alumi-zinc shell achieves the longest life-span and anti-corrosion. Customers can also choose SUS #304 as shell material. Furthermore, the greatest strength of HCT Series is, its heat exchanger coil with SUS #304 material is able to extend life-span and be suited to use in specific environment.


  • Plastic injection molding, blow molding machine
  • Low, medium and high-induction melting furnace
  • Forging
  • Air Compressor
  • Chiller
  • Cooling system for transferring hot water to cold water
  • Environment pollution lowers mechanical efficiency
  • Tube blocked by calcium carbonate (CaCo3)


1 set in independent type of htc 50-120

2 set in parallel connection of HCT 135-170

3 set in series connection of HCT 200

4 set in series connection of HCT 250-300

Model Cooling Capacity(Kcal/h) Water Flow(m3/h) Fan Motor(KW) Air Flow(m3/h) Pump Motor(KW) Amount Of Water(m3/h) Water Pipe Diameter(DN/mm) Weight(kg) Dimension (LxWxH)(mm)
HCT-50 150000 30-32 3 35000x1 1.1 45 DN80 2000 1925x2380x4220
HCT-60 180000 40-43 4 45000x1 1.1 45 DN100 2200 1925x2380x4220
HCT-80 240000 49-51 5.5 65000x1 1.1 45 DN100 3150 1925x2580x4220
HCT-100 300000 59-61 5.5 65000x1 1.1 65 DN100 3350 1925x2980x4220
HCT-120 360000 70-72 5.5 65000x1 1.1 65 DN100 4150 1925x2980x4220
HCT-135 400000 80-82 4 45000x2 2.2 84 DN100 4700 3770x2200x4240
HCT-150 450000 90-93 4 45000x2 2.2 84 DN125 4950 3770x2200x4910
HCT-170 510000 102-105 4 45000x2 3 120 DN125 8100 3770x2200x4910
HCT-200 600000 125-128 4 45000x3 3 120 2DN100 5500 4240x2200x4910
HCT-250 756000 150-153 3 35000x4 3 120 2DN100 6050 5610x2200x4910
HCT-300 900000 180-182 4 45000x4 4 170 2DN125 6550 5610x2200x4910

Above specs are for common use. We can also customize.

Design condition of cooling capacity based on inlet temp 37°C ; outlet 32°C ; wet bulb temp 28°C.


Detail HCT

①Cooling fan stack & Motor

Cooling fan stack & MotorHCT's fan motor that adopts aluminum alloy axial fan with direct-joint structure avoids drawbacks from belt transmission. This fan motor possesses lots of advantages such as long-term stability of product, low noise, no transmission loss, high efficiency, low friction between components and low breakdown rate.

③External circulating water spray system

External circulating water spray systemHCT Closed Circuit Cooling Tower uses big flow rate nozzle for outer circulating distribution system. This reduces clogging issues. The nozzle is placed at the top of the device for easy maintenance. Nevertheless, water and wind are designed to operate the same direction with even water distribution to largely decrease dirt attaching coil.

④Heat exchanger

Heat exchangerHCT's heat exchange coil made of stainless steel #304 with thickness of 1mm is non-corrosive in most specific regions and extended lifetime. The bevel slope design keeps water out while not in use.

⑦Shell material

Shell materialHCT's shell material is made of 2mm aluminium-zinc steel plate. This material includes aluminum with anti-corrosion, zinc with anodic treatment and silicon that combines the strength of aluminium-plated steel and zinc-plated steel. The lifetime of the plate is able to reach is 4 to 6 times longer than galvanized plate.

②Water eliminator、⑤Fill and ⑥Maintenance space

Water eliminator、Fill and、Maintenance spaceHCT Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is designed with the air and water current flows in the same direction for cooling. ⑤ Fill and heat exchanger coil are separated to ensure that the fill do not block the flow channel. Besides, ② Water eliminators are dischargeable to be convenient to clean regularly and maintain efficiency. Also, ⑥ the internal space are large enough to accommodate maintenance person to execute work.

HCT Closed Loop Cooling Tower Pipe Layout

HCT Closed Loop Cooling Tower Pipe Layout

Closed circuit cooling tower series
Closed circuit cooling tower separates internal circuit and external circuit. It overcomes clogging problems caused from limescale and ensures clean water.
Cooling tower maintenance
One of the most common equipment in factory is cooling tower. However, the supply process may increase CaCo3 and this problem causes the risk of making fouling and unstable production
Small clowed cooling tower (PCT-15-40)
PCT-15-40 with PE coil design patent ensures cooling fluid clean and prevents acid corrosion. It is economic closed cooling system special for low thermal cooling.
What's closed circuit cooling tower
Welcome to learn our professionals. We are a professionlized cooling machine manufacturer.