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What is cooling tower? Cooling tower rejects waste heat to atmosphere by water. Generally speaking, cooling efficiency is based on Wet Bulb temperature. (Why Wet Bulb temperature related to the efficiency of cooling tower?) It collects of a variety art aerodynamic thermodynamic, fluid, chemistry, biochemistry, materials science. Common application s include plastic injection industry, centrifugal furnace casting industry, cooling refinery, petrochemical industry, chemical plant and other industrial fields. (Know more about cooling tower’s application in industrial area)

Through this article you will learn these points below:

  1. Principle of cooling tower
  2. Cooling tower type
  3. Common issue with cooling tower
  4. What is closed circuit cooling tower
  5. Benefits with using closed circuit cooling tower
  6. JH-closed circuit cooling tower’s advantage and technic

Principle of cooling tower

It is inevitable that the growth of limscale under poor water quality and air pollution. How to avoid dust and CaCo3 blocked in equipment? Closed Circuit Cooling Tower will be your best choice.

  1. Avoid cooling fluid (inner water) building up to limescale and polluted.
  2. No blockage problems happens in water circuit system.
  3. Decreasing the acid washing damage.
  4. Reduce energy consumption caused by long-term operation machine halt
  5. Lower maintenance cost

cooling tower principle

Benefits after using Jin-Hui closed circuit cooling tower:

Hot water is usually from industrial processes. Cooling tower is a heat exchanger that can take away waste heat from industrial equipment. When hot water goes into the tower, water and air will contact with each other and evaporation takes place to lower the temperature of the hot water. Cooling tower fills with cooling fins that can increase the water-air contact to promote heat transfer’s efficiency. And the cool water is being circulated in the cooling tower to cool the heat source.

Types of cooling towers

With different purposes many types of cooling towers have been developed. Generally, cooling tower can be divided into counter flow(逆流), cross flow(橫流) and mixed flow(複合流) through the air and water flow. (To get more information about the comparison between counter flow and cross flow.)

counter flow
cross flow
mixed flow

Cooling tower’s common problems

Cooling tower’s characters have simple structure, lower price, convenient maintenance. But there are several common problems below:

  1. Scale generate (The relationship between scale and cooling tower)
  2. Large water consumption (To see Water saving strategy)
  3. Difficult to maintain cooling water quality

How a JH closed circuit cooling tower work?

JH Closed circuit cooling tower (closed loop cooling tower) is equipped with a coil heat exchanger, which separates cooling water into “internal water” and “external water”. Internal water supplies cooling water for machinery use and it is a closed loop that can easy to maintain the cooling water quality. External water is indirectly to cool down internal water that inside the heat exchanger coils. This cooling way can prevent dirt get into the closed circuit cooling tower, and there are no scale will generate in the equipment. (Why scale deposits in cooling tower?)

Structure and working principle of closed circuit cooling tower

Water system Water quality Components Main function
Internal water system Always stay clean Internal circulation motor, cold water line, hot water line, heat exchanger coil Prevent scale deposits when cooling process
External water system Cooling water with dirt External circulating pump, water distribution system, water basin cool down internal water indirectly

Benefits after use JH Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

No matter how many production equipment you have, or single equipment for mass production. There are many benefits after using JH Closed Circuit Cooling Tower:

  1. No blockage caused by scale.
  2. Only need to take care of closed circuit cooling tower
  3. Production machinery won’t trip unexpectedly
  4. Production equipment operates with high efficiency

Exclusive technic of JH Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

It can’t be avoid that the growth of scale under poor water quality and air pollution. If you have the problem of scale closed circuit cooling tower is a good choice for you. JH Closed Circuit Cooling Tower also has other features below:

  1. Low-sound fan motor: not only low noise but also can reduce vibration problem
  2. Electronic anti-stain device: decrease scale deposits
  3. Exclusive design of sprinkle system: large cooling water spray area to increase heat exchange efficiency
  4. Shell with stainless steel: life span of closed circuit cooling tower longer
  5. Cooling fin can reuse: environment friendly and lower consumables cost
  6. Modular design: maintenance in a short time

JH Closed Circuit Cooling Tower series

Series Features Design characteristics Common advantages Applications
SCT Easy to maintain
  1. Detachable design
  2. Cooling fin can be reuse
  1. Prevent scale deposits
  2. Cooling water quality easy to maintain clean
  3. Lower noise design
  4. Maintenance in high efficiency
  5. Water temperature can be control easily
  6. Increase producing stability
materials tube,
oil cooler,
high-induction melting furnace,
sand mold casting equipment,
air compressor,
coating equipment,
mold temperature controller,
laser cutting equipment, etc.
Variety of industrial equipment suitable.
HCT High efficiency
  1. Large cooling area
  2. Air and water flow in same direction

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