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Cooling capability: 3RT to 30RT
(Send Inquiries for bigger models)
Microcomputer IC Panel
(CE Standard upon requests)
Stainless Steel Evaporator(Durable)

Stainless Steel Water Tank
US/ France manufactured compressor
US/ manufactured expansion valve


WCR Series is designed for industrial environment with high stable efficiency. The WCR series integrates advanced compressor and expansion valve into the chiller. Besides, parts of chiller follow the international specification to maximize operating efficiency. Both evaporator and expansion water tank are constructed with durable stainless steel to strengthen lifetime under different circumstances. Moreover, the control panel is navigated by microcomputer to quickly troubleshoot any problems of your equipment. Jin-Hui's WCR chiller is your optimal choice. (CE Specification is available upon requests.)


  • Plastic Injection molding, blow molding machine
  • Laser cutting
  • Extrusion molding
  • Mold
  • Cooling equipment for transforming room temperature water into ice water


Specifications WCR-130 WCR-150 WCR-750 WCR-1000 WCR-1500 WCR-2000 WCR-2500 WCR-3000
The Temperature of Ice Water °C 5~25
Refrigerating capability Kcal/H-50Hz 7770 12980 19470 26250 38850 51770 64890 76860
Kcal/H-60Hz 9325 15575 23362 31500 46623 62122 77873 92238
Voltage   3P/ 220V~440V
Nominal Voltage KW 2.6 4.5 7.1 9 12.8 16.5 21 25
Compressor Horsepower HP 3 5 7.5 10 15 10X2 12.5X2 15X2
Compressor Type   Hermetic type compressor、Capacity Control 100% Semi-hermetic type compressor、Capacity Control 50%~ 100%
Pump Horsepower HP 1 1 2 3
Ice Water, Cold Water Flow L/min 80 120 200 320
Cold Water Pressure bar 1.2~2
Expansion Tanks Liter 93 150 250 380
Ice water piping inch 1" 1/2" 2" 2-1/2"
Cooling water piping inch 1" 1/2" 2" 2-1/2"
Refrigerant   R22、R407C
Temperature Control   Microcomputer LED display, temperature control touch panel
Dimensions (L×W×H) CM 90×60×122 130×81×125 177×87×138 232×93×150
Weight Kg 250 300 380 430 550 760 900 1200
  • Dimensions are sheet metal size excluding piping.
  • "E" is the model without water tank , and "H" for machine type in 100T or above.
  • Hermetic type compressor 1. Piston type 2. Scroll type
  • Semi-hermetic type compressor 1. Piston type 2. Screw type
  • Refrigerating capacity - Ambient temperature 35℃(D.B), 24℃(W.B) as the benchmark. Inlet cool water temperature is 32℃, outlet cool temperature is 37℃; inlet ice water temperature is 12℃, outlet ice water temperature is 7℃as refrigerating condition.



Microcomputer IC control panel, LCD temperature control panel

Temperature control panelJin-Hui's WCR chillers that utilize Microcomputer IC control panel are able to easily transfer switch. We offer customization for CE certification to meet local standards. Besides, WCR adopts imported microcomputer LED screens from Europe and the temperature controlling touch panels keep the temperature within ±1%. This series of chiller integrates with protection mechanism that automatically powers off when reaching to maximum or minimum temperature.

World-Class Compressor & Expansion Valve

Compressor & Expansion ValveWCR Chillers use well known compressor brands "MANEUROP" from Europe and "COPELAND" from USA that integrates with imported American expansion valve to demonstrate the strength of high operation efficiency, low noise and stability.

High performance cooling machine, Stainless Steel Evaporator

Cooling machine, Stainless Steel EvaporatorWCR series Chillers use large shell and tube condenser (shell tube type heat exchanger) and seamless threaded copper tube, increasing the chiller cooling rate and cooling efficiency, and reducing poor heat dissipation problems. Besides, Stainless Steel Evaporator using SUS # 304 made of high-grade stainless steel, no rust corrosion considerations, increasing duration.

Stainless Steel Expansion Water Tank

Stainless Steel Expansion Water TankWCR Chillers are constructed with Stainless Steel #304 that are durable, anti-corrosion, rust and extend duration.

Comprehensive Safety Guards (False alarm display panel)

Motor reversing control Compressor overload protection Automatic power off when control box opened
Defective heat dissipation auto-trip function Cooling tower overload protection LED display of malfunctions
Insufficient refrigerant auto-trip function Insufficient cold water flow control Emergency stop
Anti-Freezing Mechanism Power off if overload occurs IC Failure Alarm System
Overload protection for chilling pumps Phase Failure Protection Refrigerant pressure release device
Fan motor overload protection Sequential delay start for multiple units water circuit by-pass design


Air Cooled Water Chiller FCR
FCR series chillers are designed for industrial use. Hence, high stable and efficiency is our appeal.
Series SCT
SCT series' shell is made from stainless steel and Mitsubishi copper tube.
Limescale's effects on plastic injection equipment
Plastic injection industry is our largest customer in Taiwan.Beside the fact that it is a well developed industry, more importantly,the water often contain large amount of minerals that deposit limescale which affects the stability of machines.
what's closed cooling tower
The main difference between close circuit cooling tower and traditional cooling tower is that close circuit cooling towers are integrated with cooling coils.