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Nowadays, the products made of from FRP in common in the world. What is FRP? FRP, is Fiber-reinforced plastic, it composites by glass fiber and resin. It material feature is light, hard, non-conductive, corrosion-resistant. Such as cooling tower, bathtub, yacht, building materials, printed circuit board, household appliances, auto parts and aerospace components.


When FRP products are largely used it along with the waste problem. Often can find the waste which made of FRP were throw aside at the place is empty. In Taiwan, the waste of FRP can’t not be recycle and it reused capacity is lower. There will be a question how to solve the waste FRP.

FRP waste disposal in Japan

At present, the processing method of FRP waste is 70% commission processing and 30% self-processing. Additional charges for FRP waste disposal are required.

FRP waste disposal in EU

There are also many restrictions on the disposal of FRP waste in the European Union (EU). FRP waste disposal is not easy.


In current, landfill is the major option to handle waste FRP. Though landfill is a financially viable option, the space of landfill is limited. Sometimes waste FRP would be used in other FRP products and concrete as fillers. Now, some experiments are going on that waste FRP is burned at temperatures to reuse. But this process is known to release toxic substance. “Which handling about waste FRP is the better?” is a critical issue.

Now, more and more FRP products been discarded the treatment of waste FRP become a significant issue. In Nordic countries, FRP is considered to be a “lack of environmental care”. Before you choose a product, the first issue you should concern about “How does waste FRP will be treatment when it be eliminated?”