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Limescale has a great influence on temperature control. Accumulation of limescale could leads poor heat dissipation and cause machine shut down.

If we can decrease by 90 percent limescale deposits, how much expenses can we save for unnecessary maintenance and production loss caused from equipment?

Jin Hui owns the most customers in plastic industry. The most important reason is that lots of mineral exist in water, contributing to temperature control problem and unstable product yield rate during plastic manufacturing process.

Jin-Hui provide limescale solution for cooling system
Tube Cleaning Machine

During cleaning process for cooling system, we often encounter that limescale is blocked by heat exchanger, contributing to water is unable to circulate. At this time, using manual tube cleaning with acid-washing is the most common way to discharge limescale.。

Establish non-limescale system for new factory

The design principle of closed cooling system is to divide cooling water circuit into internal and external circuit, effectively isolating water pollution from outside. Therefore, the impurities won’t react with high temperature to form limescale and block the water circuit.

Where limescale accumulates on equipment

After replacing open cooling tower with closed circuit cooling tower, the impurities can be effectively isolated, advancing temperature control effect for whole factory.

Where limescale accumulates on equipment

The places that limescale often accumulates includes injection machine cooler, feeder/ water jacket, mold, chiller and mold temperature controller…and so on.

Knowledge of Cooling System
Reasons that limescale produces

Calcium carbonate, which is a metal ion, usually exists in tap water. When concentration is higher than a certain amount, calcium carbonate will react with heat to form limescale.

Relationship between limescale and cooling tower

When calcium carbonate reaches a certain amount of concentration, limescale will build up on equipment. During heat dissipation for equipment, cooling tower continuously repeats limescale formation process.

Influence of limescale on power consumption

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Comparison between open cooling tower and closed cooling system

The main function of closed cooling tower is to isolate outside impurities and pollutant, preventing them from entering into cooling water circuit of production equipment. This can make sure cooling system is always clean.

Core Equipment of Cooling System
SCT Closed Circuit Cooling Tower 15-100RT

SCT series is small to medium type stainless steel closed circuit cooling tower that applies to one-to-one equipment cooling in plastic injection molding industry.

HCT Closed Circuit Cooling Tower 50-500RT

HCT Closed Circuit Cooling Tower comes in two materials such as galvanized steel or Stainless Steel #304 for use. Besides, tube exchanger is alternative in stainless steel and red copper. HCT series has many advantages for huge maintenance space and high efficiency heat dissipation.

Small Closed Cooling Tower

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Industrial Chiller

Jin Hui chiller is specialized for industrial environment. Therefore, we demand high stable performance for chillers.