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Water Cooled Chiller - WCR

Application on water cooled chiller

The application of chillers has been widely used in industrial production. The biggest function of chiller is to offer ice water underneath room temperature. Using ice water is able to produce mechanical components quickly for cooling requirement. Hence, chiller takes an important role in modern industries. The common applications are as follows:

  1. Plastic injection molding & blow molding
  2. Laser cutting machine
  3. Extrusion machine
  4. Physical coating technology
  5. High precision welding machine

The product unit price and manufacturing technology are much higher in some manufacturing industries. These manufacturers are also usually equipped with expensive equipment. To make sure that chillers can offer stable cooling efficiency to lower temperature for production equipment, the cooling stability is the priority.

There are two ways of chiller system:

  1. Single small type chiller for single production assembly (Multiple chiller systems)
  2. Single big type chillers for multiple production assemblies (Single chiller system)

The advantage of multiple chiller systems is that the production line won’t stop when one chiller is broken, but maintenance cost is relatively higher. On the contrary, single chiller system is easier to manage and space-saving. However, if the chiller system has problem, it may affect the whole production line.

Limescale influences on water cooled chiller

Considering the cooling efficiency, most customers in a higher temperature and poor ventilation environment choose water cooled chiller. The water cooled chiller with cooling tower uses wind and water circulation to cool equipment, hence the effect on heat exchanger are very good. Nonetheless, the cooling tower still contact with external air in the heat exchange process, and meantime the new cooling water continuously is supplied when original water evaporated to maintain circulation. This contributes to the mineral rise in water such as calcium and magnesium ions. This high concentration cooling water via cooling tower that enters into the chiller finally results in the following situations:

  1. Poor heat dissipation on heat exchanger of chiller
  2. Production speed decelerates
  3. Chiller easily shut down
  4. Damage on condenser caused by acid-washing

To ensure that production line works stably, the primary condition is to overcome limescale problem. This method can effectively avoid machine shutting down. In addition, the production loss caused by machine halt is far bigger than buying a new cooling tower or the chiller.

How do we solve limescale?

Limescale is produced from mineral which was contained in water reacting with heat to build up, and then finally enters into chiller. Therefore, Jin Hui was known that cooling tower design is the important means to overcome limescale.

The principle of Jin-Hui closed circuit cooling tower is to separate internal circuit and external circuit to prevent limescale from depositing on your equipment. The feature is that there is a heat exchanger coil inside the closed circuit cooling tower. The cooling system is divided into “internal circuit system” and “external circuit system”. The internal circuit is inside a closed circuit cooling system for supplying cooling water to equipment; the external circuit that utilizes external circulator pump sprays external circulating water on the surface of heat exchanger coil to cool. It’s not only cool the internal circuit system but also ensure that the inner water is always clean.

Benefits of using Jin Hui closed circuit cooling tower:

  1. Internal circuit system and external circuit system is separated and not cause cooler blockage
  2. No necessity to use chemical agent to wash cooler
  3. Only need to clean closed circuit cooling tower, and the cooling system always maintain stably
  4. Unexpected shutdown won’t happen

It is our commitment to provide stable cooling water for production equipment as well as overcome limescale for customers’ requirement. Please feel free to contact to us if you have any question regarding industrial chiller or closed circuit cooling tower.