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Tube Cleaning Rod can be customized by pipe diameter and length

Tube Cleaning Rod can be customized in accordance with tube diameter, length of shell and tube heat exchanger, interior heat exchanger. In addition, customers also can order general specification directly. The requirement for cleaning rod that customers should provide:

  1. The diameter of tube cleaning rod (high strength drill bore)
  2. The length of cleaning rod

How to use Tube Cleaning Rod

Tube Cleaning Rod with driller:Because limescale is usually deposited on shell and tube heat exchanger seriously, cleaning heat exchanger tube is not humanly impossible. Jin Hui tube cleaning rod includes screw which is convenient to quickly install the cleaning rod, then using rotational force to get through the water way of heat exchanger that was blocked by limescale.

Tube Cleaning Rod with tube cleaner:When using tube cleaner to clean limescale, customers often encounter heat exchanger is fully blocked by limescale. Therefore, it is necessary to use tube cleaning rod to drill limescale, thne using chemical liquid to dissolve limescale.

Inquire about Jin Hui Stainless Steel Tube Cleaning Rod

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