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The function of LCD Temperature control box of closed circuit cooling tower:

The principle of temperature control box: protection, thermostat, energy-saving. The functions are as below:

  1. Fan motor switch
  2. Spray pump (outer water) switch
  3. Circulating pump (inner water) switch
  4. Detect temperature for circulating water tank
  5. Machine automatically closes down to save energy when reach to certain temperature

LCD Temperature Control Box:Protection

LCD temperature control box designed by Jin-Hui separates each power supply of the electromechanical component. This can ensure the temperature control box won’t stop when one of the parts is broken. Besides, both internal and external circulating pump has installed overcurrent protection that protects electric machine form damaging to cause in factory production loss.

LCD Temperature Control Box:Temperature indicator, energy-saving

LCD temperature control box detects temperature of circulating water tank and monitors cooling water temperature for supplying equipment. The characteristic not only reduces cooling tower overrunning from operating during different seasons, but also maintain production stability for whole year.

LCD Temperature Control Box:Panel Design

LCD temperature control panel that is designed with changeover switch is easy to operate with clear marks. Attached breakdown indicator makes sure that the temperature control box will alarm when electric machine encounters problem. In that case, the worker is able to figure out the current problem regarding machine and reduce checking time.

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