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Descaling Chemicals:

Limescale in cooling facilities results in the dysfunction of heat exchange efficiency; and further, the machine is overheated, broken, and shut down. To effectively maintain the heat exchanger of equipment, JIN-HUI developed tube cleaner to clean limescale on heat exchanger. Limscale washing speed and equipment safety will depend on the selection of agents you choose.

Professional Descaling Chemicals include:

  • Weak acid Pipe Cleaning Agent
  • Eco-friendly concentrated Pipe Cleaning Agent

Weak acid Pipe Cleaning Agent

Weak acid pipe cleaning agent is weak acid with patent for effect of corrosion inhibitor. Therefore, the pipe cleaning agent is able to utilize circulating system to clean your equipment for a long time. The applications are as follows:

  1. Regular maintenance such as mold cleaning, tube cleaning for low level descale
  2. Equipment with low strength pipes
  3. Clean rusty spot and corrosion

Because the operating time is longer, JIN-HUI suggest that customer use agent with tube cleaner in order to clean limescale and ensure safety.

Eco-friendly concentrated Pipe Cleaning Agent

Eco-friendly concentrated pipe cleaning agent has been granted a patent for the technology of copper surface filming. It decreases the possibility of damage on heat exchanger surface under heavy cleaning. This kind of agent is much stronger and only applicable for hard scale such as:

  1. Plastic injection heat exchanger
  2. Casting plate type heat exchanger
  3. Chiller, cooler of air conditioner

Because the fluid is stronger and might be corrosive, we recommend using it with our tube cleaner for cleaning water pipe for safety and to prolong the life time of the pump.

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