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Chiller/Thermos Water Tank Thermal Type Circulating Bucket, Water Tank (Stainless Steel Ice Water Tank Bucket)

There are two types of circulating tank in chillers. One is the expanasion water tank used in box type chiller. Other is the thermos tank connected to the chiller outer circulation loop.


Box type chiller

Modular chiller

Include ice water tank inside Yes (below 30RT)  Outside 
Include ice water circulating pump inside Yes (below 30RT) Outside
Flow rate collocation Depend on general cooling capacity Customization for horsepower and circuit
Pressure collocation Need reaching to certain pressure, please advise us to exchange Choice for pressure increase need
Ice water circulating tank collocation Only used in single circuit (water tank for choice) Opening hole is alternative, increase pump circuits 

Generally speaking, small type ice water system adopts box type chiller whose system design can eliminate many troubles. For big type ice water system, it is suitable for multi-circuit design with external circulating water tank in order to ensure sufficient water volume.

External Circulating Water Tank

When choosing external circulating water tank for chiller, the buffer water tons and the location for circulating water tank are the primary thing we should consider, and then is its appearance. Common types of circulating water tank are as follows:

  1. Drum type water tank with brace
  2. Drum type water tank without foot
  3. Box type water tank
  4. Lay down type tank

External Circulating Water Tank - Opening holes on loop

Important medium connects between chiller and circulating motor. Therefore, the design of circulating water tank should include outlet water bore diameter and inlet water bore diameter. This is one of our customized services.

Heat Insulation for External Circulating Water Tank

External water tank is exposed to the atmosphere. If there is not sufficient thermal design, the increased operating time of modular chiller will produce energy consumption. This is the reason why water tank should equip with thermal function. The common thermal methods are as below:

  1. Water tank with thermal foam
  2. Putting thermal foam into internal layer

The above two ways can reach to the effect of heat insulation and decrease the energy consumption of chiller.

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