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Air compressor cooling

It is known that air compressors are used widely in production. Besides, there’re also huge requirement of air compressor for many industries. Different air compressors are for different using requirement and environment. When compressing air, cooling equipment is required to achieve compressed efficiency. Cooling methods can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. (Other compressed method not to amplify)

In the process of compressing air, cooling efficiency is related to power consumption. In accordance with the information provided by compressor manufacturer, the power consumption of air compressor will decrease 1% when cooling water temperature lowers to 5 degree. Under identical cooling condition, air-cooled compressor efficiency is almost as same as water-cooled one. But if the outside temperature is too high, there’s significant difference between air-cooled and water-cooled compressor.

Effects of limescale on air compressor

Although the water cooled compressor is effective, it is still necessary to use cooling tower with cooler of air compressor to proceed with heat exchange. During the process of heat exchange, large amount of water in cooling tower is evaporated and water is required to be supplied. But the cycle also brings lots of minerals and dirt into cooling tower and heat exchanger of air compressor. This causes in:

  1. Limescale blocked on heat exchanger
  2. Poor heat dissipation of air compressor results in machine halt
  3. Oxidation corrosion on heat exchanger
  4. Heat exchanger required for acid washing

The above situations often occur in the countries with rich mineral for water quality. When the mineral and impurities create limescale, the heat exchange efficiency is directly affected by limescale; and further, indirectly influence on air compressor efficiency. Considering the efficiency for air compressor, water quality is also an extra key point manufacturer have to concentrate.

How to solve limescale problem for water-cooled air compressor?

Among many of our customers, water-cooled compressors have a great influence on production line with frequent using rate. If the cooler of air compressor is blocked and cause in shutdown, the production line will stop and affect the operation. How to prevent limescale from entering into air compressor equipment?

In order to make sure that cooling system doesn’t produce limescale and maintain stable cooling efficiency, Jin Hui divides cooling water into inner water and outer water, separating make-up cooling water (outer water) for cooling tower use and cooling water (inner water) for heat exchanger of air compressor. In addition, Jin Hui closed circuit cooling tower not only effectively overcomes limescale but also reduces the corrosion problem cause by heat exchanger.

For more application and installation regarding closed circuit cooling tower, please refer to Jin Hui (Products) or contact us, we will quickly solve your problem.