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The fill for cooling tower is also called filling or filler, mainly for increasing the heat dissipation area and extending the heat exchange time between water and air. Therefore, the fill plays an important role during the cooling process. The fill is capable of increasing the heat exchange for cooling tower, the electric power for fan will greatly decrease if cooling tower have proper design of fill. The following fill is as below:

  1. PVC
  2. ABS
  3. Heat temperature resistant plastic material
  4. Wood
  5. Carbon fiber

Influence of fill for cooling tower

The most common fill is made with PVC material that is easy to brittle under large temperature difference. After fill splinters, splinters probably flows into cooling system and contributes to blockage of customer’s equipment. Because of this, it is necessary to check the fill condition often.

The principle of cooling tower is extracting and discharging external air to proceed in heat exchange, contributing to air intake louver sucks up lots of dust. The cooling tower needs to continually supply new water when cooling water evaporates. At this time, the concentration of minerals and calcium carbonate constantly rise up, resulting in limescale deposits on fill:

  1. The growth of lots of germs and moss
  2. Fill is blocked by limescale, contribute to lower heat exchange efficiency even machine halt
  3. Heavy fill makes cooling tower machine body incline even topple down

Exchange Index of fill

In order to maintain stable operation of cooling tower, making sure that fill is in proper condition is important. We can refer to these situations to see if it is required to change fill.

  1. The sign of brittleness
  2. The limescale blockage on fill causes that water isn’t able to flow properly or proceed in heat exchange
  3. Fill lodged with heavy limescale leads to deformed

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