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Circulating Pump for Chiller

The main function of circulating pump is delivering cooling water to equipment after being cooled by chiller, and flowing back to the chiller. Therefore, water pressure, water flow rate and temperature are required to be considered when choosing the circulating pump. In general, there are two ways of current chiller and circulating pump:


Box type chiller

Modular chiller

Include ice water tank inside Yes (below 30RT)  Outside
Include ice water circulating pump inside Yes (below 30RT)  Outside
Flow rate collocation Depend on general cooling capacity Customization for horsepower and circuit
Pressure collocation Need reaching to certain pressure, please advise us to exchange Choice for pressure increase need
Ice water circulating tank collocation Only used in single circuit (water tank for choice) Opening hole is alternative, increase pump circuits

The application of modular chiller is flexible for big system or multi-circuit. But considering the complexity, one to one circuit system or small system mostly adopts box type chillers to suit energy-saving and space-saving. Then, what do we have to notice when select the circulating pump for chiller? 

Seals of Ice Water Circulating Pump

Generally speaking, circulating water pump of chiller is using ice water below normal ambient temperature. According to different industrial application, we will use normal seals for ice water temperature between 7℃ to 25℃. The ice water is 4℃or below, it is necessary to use low-temperature-resistance seals with antifreeze for circulating pump of chiller.

Types of Ice Water Circulating Motor (High Pressure Design)

Under some special circumstances, normal eddy-current motor is probably unable to reach to pressure requirement for equipment. Hence, regardless of box type chiller and modular chiller, it’s important that maintaining the best operating pressure when reaching to the best operating temperature. Jin-Hui cooperates with many famous motor manufacturers such as TECO motor, WALRUS motor, CALPEDA motor and so on. We can design for your factory requirement.

Inquiry of Chiller and Pump

Any requirement regarding circulating pump pressure and flow rate, please feel free to contact with Jin-Hui. We will help you to choose the suitable ice water system.