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Cooling water system is common in industry factory. It main function is to rejection heat to avoid equipment overheating. It would affect whole productive process largely. Whether cooling tower operates efficiency or not is keys factors affecting production line capacity. Poor cooling water management, poor maintain for cooling tower and cooling system fitting pipe are influences for cooling tower cooling capacity.

How to calculate the efficiency of cooling tower?

How to ensure the efficiency of cooling tower maintain stable? We can through a formula to calculate the cooling efficiency of the cooling tower. The factors we need are water flow, inlet temperature, outlet temperature, specific heat of working fluid and density of working fluid. We can use the four items to calculate the cool capacity of the cooling tower.
Heat exchange capacity = water flow * ΔT(between inlet water temperature and outlet water temperature) * specific heat * density

Why operating efficiency of the cooling tower decrease?

The heat exchange efficiency of the cooling tower decrease the common reason is pipe blockage by fouling, water scale, mud, and so on. The situation would decrease water flow and heat exchange efficiency. This situation could through cooling water treatment, cooling tower maintenance, and so on.

How to optimize the operating efficiency of the cooling tower? Cooling water management

Poor cooling water management would cause fouling, corrosion and water scale deposits on tube. These situations would cause lower heat rejection capacity of cooling tower.(Know more about cooling water management)

Cooling tower cleaning

Many factories always ignore maintenance of cooling tower result higher power consumption and water waste volume. These would decrease the heat rejection capacity of cooling tower. When cooling tower cooling capacity decrease would suggest check these item below:

  1. Confirm the air inlet and outlet of cooling tower is clear.
  2. Check fill stay cleaning or not and fill set correct or not.
  3. Check nozzle spray water spray evenly, nozzle has fouling blocking or not.
  4. Check cooling tower have fouling, corrosion and water scale problem or not.
  5. Check cooling tower water flow enough or not.

You may have a question “how to maintain cooling tower”? The answer is here, check it now.

Cooling tower piping essentials

Poor fitting piping would cause multi-split cooling tower water level different. This condition would cause those which with lower water level would easy full filled with water. To solve this condition must be decrease other cooling tower water level to avoid the situation appear. When cooling tower water level couldn’t reach original design level would decrease the cooling tower cooling capacity and cause damage to pump.

Fitting piping essential as follow:

  1. Basic design principle is downward, avoid high up design and must lower than sink’s fitting piping.
  2. Pump’s set should lower than sink water level
  3. Multi-split cooling tower design is use the common pipe, so each cooling tower water level must at the same level.

This article just provides basic items to check and improve cooling tower operates efficiency. More details still have field inspection would get.