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Plastic injection is the largest industry we serve in Taiwan. Not only because of the many plastic OEM suppliers in Taiwan. But more importantly, the water are rich in minerals that cause limescale and it will affect the stability of machines.

Injection molding

Cooling system is an indispensable link at the production process of plastic injection machines, the reason being that cooling will greatly affect the molding speed. Besides, machine will leak oil if the oil temperature is too high.

For all domestic and international customers whose industries are injection molding, cooling is mainly divided a few parts:

  1. Mold
  2. Feeder
  3. Oil temperature cooling

If customers require faster or more precise injection molding, they can add below equipment for cooling:

  1. Chiller
  2. Mold temperature controller

For the moment, all plastic injection machines are working towards energy-saving, resulting in the oil temperature required to be cooled becomes much lower than before. This contributes to the heat exchanger which has been manufactured smaller and smaller. Also, the energy consumption will become relatively lower when the heat exchanger is used with servo motor.

How does limescale affect the performance of injection molding machine?

The stability of cooling water system is an important key when we enhance precision and efficiency of plastic injection machines. For making injection machines operate 24 hours and achieve energy-saving, we need to pay attention to the operating efficiency of cooling tower. However, the limescale produced by cooling water causes in many problems as below:

  1. Limescale blockage to thicken tube wall
  2. Unstable cooling water temperature
  3. Increase the shutdown rate

In many countries and regions, water contains a lot of minerals such as magnesium, Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) and so on. These minerals react with heat to form limescale. Even worse, these impurities enter into the cooling system of injection machines and lead to:

  1. Blockage on mold and oil water way
  2. Descending heat exchange efficiency, lowering production speed
  3. Overheated oil temperature contributes to oil leakage
  4. Medicinal liquid cleaning will cause crack

Able to lower the temperature is the basic requirement of a cooling tower. But more importantly, we need to work on the stability of the water. Customers usually have questions below:

  1. How do we overcome limescale?
  2. How do we effectively maintain cooling tower to keep injection machines stable?
  3. How do we lower shutdown rate?

We are here to solve limescale issues for you!

Among many plastic injection customers we serve, Jin Hui offers solution for them and improve not only one machine but the whole injection system. The reason is one water way cooling system is for plenty injection machines.

The basic method to change water quality is not how many filters you add or what chemical material you put; even so, the pollution and substance will still enter into injection equipment.

Therefore, the only solution is to separate cooling water into two parts: “water to machine” and “cooling water circulates in the cooling tower”. This can ensure that the injection system won't be polluted by water. In view of this, Jin Hui closed circuit cooling tower has below features:

  1. The cooling system was divided internal circuit and external circuit, so that there’s no blockage on equipment
  2. Simple maintenance design for closed circuit cooling tower
  3. Only need to clean cooling towers. Plastic injection machines are always clean
  4. Suited to customers’ requirement

You may refer to our link and see our closed circuit cooling tower. Realize how to make sure cooling system more stable and advise your needs to us. Let us serve you the optimal cooling tower for you.