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What is cooling tower? Cooling tower rejects waste heat to atmosphere by water. Generally speaking, cooling efficiency is based on Wet Bulb temperature. (Why Wet Bulb temperature related to the efficiency of cooling tower?) Cooling tower is a heat reject device with low cost by evaporation. It collects of a variety art aerodynamic thermodynamic, fluid, chemistry, biochemistry, materials science. Common application s include plastic injection industry, centrifugal furnace casting industry, cooling refinery, petrochemical industry, chemical plant and other industrial fields. (Know more about cooling tower’s application in industrial area)

Types of cooling towers

With different purposes many types of cooling towers have been developed. Generally, cooling tower can be divided into counter flow, cross flow and combined flow through the air and water flow. It is according to the way of water meets the heat transfer surface. Different flow type of air and water properly effect cooling efficiency. So, which type of cooling tower is suitable for your industrial process?

Combined flow cooling tower【About HCT

Combined flow HCT

JH combined flow cooling towers’ cooling air and water flow are the same direction. Combined flow cooling type can prevent outsider of the coil scaling. The air inlet on the top makes the coil which full of high temperature working fluid could cool by the coolest spray water and the freshest air.

The air inlet below the JH HCT series cooling tower could make the spray water which uniform distribution in the fill obtains the best cooling effect.

The technique could make coil covered completely by spray water that could reduce the scaling rate about 3%~10%. The descaling technique could optimize the cooling efficiency.

Counter flow【About SCT

Counter flow SCT

In counter flow cooling tower, cooling air and water flow are in opposite direction, for this reason, it can reach maximum area of dissipation. It commonly used in round cooling tower, and also used in square cooling tower in some case. Its’ characteristics is high efficiency of heat exchange, inside structure closed, fills of round cooling tower can’t be maintenance regularly. JH SCT series surmount the obstacles of cooling tower maintenance.(How do SCT maintenance)

Cross flow

Cross flow

In cross flow cooling tower, water is falling from above, the air and water flow in vertical way. Because heat dissipation material is closed to the collection basin, the advantage is reducing water falling noise. Cross flow type usually used in square cooling tower, but the structure is fixed with large amount of iron piece, so it cost more higher than round cooling tower. Its’ characteristics also has easy maintenance, low noise of water pressure and smaller floor space with long term use.


Each type cooling tower has their own advantage if you have a question about “which type of cooling tower is the better” you can choose JH HCT series! JH has gather the easy maintenance, eco-friendly and without limescale. JH HCT series has epitomized the advantages of cross flow and counter flow cooling tower also improve the outsider scaling situation of coil.

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