cooling tower knowledge

    The order of cooling tower’s water consumption amount is evaporation, blow-down, splash and drift losses, evaporation is account for 55-85% of total amount, it even over 80% in continuous operation plant. The following are introduction of evaporation and splash losses

cooling tower power consumption

Our Jin-Hui Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is in mix flow type (principle of closed circuit cooling tower),It combined with covering technology of heat exchanger tube, and the high efficiency cooling capacity, completely solve the splash drift losses problem, and kept the advantage of non-noise

Cooling generally is defined by cooling water or other fluid is cooled down to the temperature of the surrounding environment. The cooling equipment whether cooling tower or air- cool cooler all use temperature of atmosphere to low down temperature. That is called evaporative cooling.

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The troublesome of problem in facilities is limescale. The common is trip and block of water way. So, people usually ask me how to change water quality. Otherwise, we need to add which facilities to eliminate CaCo3.