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What are the losses in cooling tower?

The order of cooling tower’s water consumption amount is evaporation, blow-down, splash and drift losses, evaporation is account for 55-85% of total amount, it even over 80% in continuous operation plant. And that according to the working principle of cooling tower, cooling tower uses water circuit to bring heat out, so water is a necessary factor for cooling tower to cool down the object fluid and even make up water is the routine to cooling tower. Understanding the ways water is used can help in achieving significant savings. Know more about cooling tower basic operation.

What is make-up water of cooling tower? How to calculate the water requirement of cooling tower?

The volume of make-up water is the total of evaporation loss, blow-down loss, Splash, and drift loss. But how can I determine the amount of make-up water for a cooling tower? Follow the formula below you can get the approximately volume of make-up water.
Splash and drift loss = Circuiting Water Flow Rate x 0.2%
Evaporation loss = Circuiting Water Flow Rate x ΔT x 0.8%
Blow-down loss = Circuiting Water Flow Rate x 0.3%

Why should we save the water losses of cooling tower? Because…

Water losses of cooling tower would cause traditional round cooling tower damage like below.

Water losses type Forms reason Damage to equipment
Evaporation loss Heat exchange process
Natural evaporate
Cooing tower couldn’t working efficiency
Blow-down loss Cooling water impure ● Pipe corrosion
● Pipe blockage with water scale
● Equipment couldn’t operate normal
Splash and drift loss Unsuitable fans
Without drift eliminators
Not easy to maintenance

How to reduce water losses of cooling tower? Water-saving of cooling tower from JH.

Common solution is to decrease the volume of water losses like evaporation loss, blow-down loss, splash, and drift loss. You might have a question “how to do it?” The common solution to do water saving is to maximize the cycles of concentration, to do water management, monitor water levels, keep coils well maintained, etc. Through proper management of recirculated water can take to maximize cooling tower efficiency and lower water consumption. To know the cooling water managemet difference between open cooling tower and closed circuit cooling tower.

How to do recirculated water management simply?

With JIN HUI cooling machine’s closed circuit cooling tower that can help you to do cooling water management simply. Closed circuit cooling tower use a heat exchanger within the cooling tower to form a closed loop, reducing the risk of coolant contamination. Closed water loop is almost effective as open loop. Know more details about JH closed circuit cooling tower. Know more details about JH closed circuit cooling tower.